Quick Straight Teeth

If you’ve been pondering orthodontic treatment but don’t like the idea of traditional metal braces, we have great news for you: Quick Straight Teeth (QST) might be the solution you’re looking for. It’s a discreet way to achieve a straight and beautiful smile. QST, the fastest and least invasive orthodontic system in Australia, can complete treatment in six months or less. Plus, it’s more affordable than you might expect.”

At Radiant Smiles in Bundoora, we offer Quick Straight Teeth as an option to enhance your smile discreetly and efficiently.

A Focus on the ‘Smile Teeth’

At Radiant Smiles in Bundoora, we bring you Quick Straight Teeth (QST), a modern technology developed in the UK. It’s designed for those who want to straighten their front ‘smile teeth,’ the ones you see when you talk or smile. QST uses clear brackets and wires, making your smile alignment discreet. The braces are comfortable and only applied to specific teeth. In just 4-24 weeks, your teeth will shift into their new position.

What You Can Anticipate

Your journey with QST at Radiant Smiles in Bundoora begins with a consultation with one of our dentists to determine if you’re suitable for this orthodontic option. If your situation is more complicated, QST might not be the right fit. If you’re eligible and decide to proceed, we’ll take photos, molds, and facial measurements. These details help us customize your braces and brackets for the best outcome. Once applied, you’ll wear them for the recommended duration based on your needs. We’ll schedule regular checkups to monitor progress and address any concerns along the way.


The duration of your treatment depends on the extent of changes you wish to achieve. If you aim for significant shifts in your teeth, the treatment will naturally take longer. Conversely, if you seek minor adjustments, the process will be quicker. During your consultation at Radiant Smiles in Bundoora, we’ll provide an estimate of how long your treatment may last. On average, it typically ranges from 1 to 6 months.

Yes. We’ll ask you to visit us approximately 2-4 weeks after starting your treatment to ensure that we’re seeing the expected progress at that stage of your treatment journey.

Like with many dental treatments, you might need a few days to adjust to wearing braces. If you feel any discomfort, it usually goes away within a few days of getting the braces fitted.

The expenses for QST vary based on how long your treatment lasts and the changes needed for your teeth. During your first assessment, we’ll provide you with a precise cost so you know what to expect.

Yes. Once we confirm you’re suitable for QST, we need to ensure your oral health is good. This might involve specific treatments like filling a cavity or a scale and cleaning. We’ll take care of any necessary treatments before starting your QST journey at Radiant Smiles.

Thanks to the clear design of the braces and brackets in QST, they are practically invisible. This means you can align your teeth without anyone being able to tell.

Special Offer for New Patients

If you’re new to our practice, we have a special deal just for you. Your first visit will only cost $199, covering everything from consultation and checkup to cleaning, X-rays, and fluoride treatment. It’s all you need for a bright, healthy smile. Reach out to our team today to book your appointment and find out if orthodontics at Radiant Smiles in Bundoora is the right choice for you!

Considering any surgery or invasive procedure? It’s wise to consult another licensed medical expert before making a decision. Your safety matters.

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