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About Radiant Smiles Dental Group

At Radiant Smiles Dental Group, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best dental care possible. Our experienced team of dentists offer a comprehensive range of dental services, including dental implants, preventive care, teeth whitening and orthodontic treatments, as well as cosmetic dentistry solutions. We use state-of-the-art technology and modern techniques to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care available. Additionally, we understand how important comfort is and strive to create a stress-free environment for all of our patients in Greensborough.

Dental treatments we offer

Root canal treatment
Dedicated to offering superior endodontic care, our clinic is equipped with modern facilities and the latest technology. Our expertise includes root canal treatments that will preserve your teeth while relieving any associated pain.

Dental checkups
If you are looking for a state-of-the-art dental centre to cater to all your restorative dentistry needs, we have you covered. Our experienced team of dentists are here to provide regular dental examinations for your whole family.

Dental veneers
Disguise a variety of dental chips, cracks, or blemishes with our excellent dental veneers that provide you with an instant flawless smile.

Gum disease treatment
Our focus is not only on looking after your teeth but also maintaining good gum health. This is why we provide a perfect balance of personalised gum maintenance and education to help you achieve optimal oral health.

Wisdom teeth extractions
We also offer compassionate care when it comes to tooth and wisdom tooth removal, commonly known as extractions. Our highly experienced dentists deliver gentle dentistry that ensures you experience minimal discomfort.

Teeth whitening
Get the confidence-boosting smile that you have always desired with our take-home and Zoom chair-side teeth whitening treatments. Contact our dental centre to find out how we can help you achieve the sparkle you want.

Why choose our dental clinic?

We believe in providing excellent dental health care to all families. If you’re looking for the highest quality dental care in a welcoming and supportive environment, Radiant Smiles Dental Group is the premier choice. Our experienced staff are dedicated to making your visit as comfortable and informative as possible, walking you through each step of the treatment process and keeping you up to date with the new techniques and technology for ensuring ideal oral health.
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Get quality dental care at Radiant Smiles Dental Group

Achieve a dazzling beam with the help of Radiant Smile Dental Group! Gain peace of mind and ease with our skilled team, who will guide you through your appointment. Place a call at (03) 9000 0537 or book an appointment online to experience our comprehensive services catered to your individual needs.
Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right age for a child's first visit to the dentist?

The best age for a child’s first visit to the dentist is around two to three years old. This allows the dentist to review development, including the eruption of primary teeth and identification of any potential dental care needs. During this appointment, thorough cleaning and examination can be done, as well as any necessary treatment and preventative care. Establishing proper oral hygiene habits at an early age is key to a lifetime of healthy smiles. Teaching kids how to brush and floss properly helps establish good oral hygiene routines while minimising the risks associated with poor dental health. Taking your child to the dentist regularly ensures their teeth remain healthy and provides them with quality dental care throughout childhood.

How often do you recommend that patients have a checkup & clean?

Regular checkups and cleans are a fundamental part of proper oral health care. Patients should have checkups and cleanings at least once every 6 months, though more frequent visits may be recommended for those with gum disease or who are prone to cavities. At these appointments, dentists can evaluate teeth and gums for any signs of tooth decay or oral diseases, as well as remove build-up from the surfaces of teeth. Through these preventive measures, a dentist can get ahead of possible problems before they become costly issues that require a more complicated treatment plan. As such, regularly seeing your local dentist is important for maintaining optimal oral health and avoiding serious dental problems down the line.