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General Dentistry

Having a regular dental check-up every six-month is extremely vital to detect early signs of dental problems before they develop into more serious issues. Here at Radiant Smiles Dental Group, we provide a complete range of general dentistry services, ensuring that your teeth and gums remain healthy forever. We have a team of experienced dentists who offer the very highest standard of service within our relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.
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What Does Our General Dentistry Treatments Involve?

General dentistry includes all sorts of basic oral care such as dental exams, x-rays, tooth fillings, prevention, dental cleaning, root canal, implants, tooth extractions, crowns, and bridges. Here at Radiant Smiles Dental Group, we start with a complete examination of your oral health which allows us to recognise and treat any dental issue that might get out of hand in the future.

What Will We Look Out For During Examination?

During a dental examination, our dentist will look for signs of tooth decay and gum related issues such as gingivitis and periodontitis. We use the most advanced imaging techniques to recognise the problem and recommend the best source of treatment to save the tooth from further damage.

Let’s Do Dental Cleaning:

Over time, harmful contaminants and build up can accumulate in your mouth. If you believe that regular brushing and flossing is enough to remove the buildup and maintain good oral health, you are wrong. Besides brushing and flossing, you must also have a professional cleaning twice a year. Our dental cleaning includes removing tartar, stains, and plaque that could damage your teeth and gums.

Let’s Advise You On Dental Hygiene:

Of course, regular brushing and flossing is vital, but are you doing it the right way? Today, most people brush and floss their teeth in the wrong way. Our dentists will correct your brushing and flossing style, and even educate you on overall dental hygiene. We offer the most effectual tips that help you maintain your dental health in top-notch condition.

To experience the benefits of general dentistry, we invite you to call us at (03) 9000 0537.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.
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