Dental Emergency Bundoora

Dental Emergency

You may get routine dental check-ups, but there can be some incidents that might trigger the need for a dental emergency. If you are in Bundoora and looking for an emergency dentist, look no further than Radiant Smiles Dental Group. We are always prepared to make your emergency a pleasant dental experience. Our dentists are certified and well-trained, so you can rest assured that you only get the best care from us.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.
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When Will You Need Emergency Dental Work?

  • Persistent Pain:
    If you have a severe toothache that distracts you from daily tasks, you must seek emergency dental care straight away.
  • Chips and Cracks:
    Whether your old crowns or fillings got fractured or you have chipped or cracked tooth, you must see a dentist get the problem fixed.
  • Abscess:
    If you have tenderness or swelling in your gums, it indicates that you will have an abscess and need root canal treatment.
  • Knock or Fall:
    If your tooth has been knocked out completely, you must get to an emergency dentist as soon as possible.
  • Lost Bridge, Crown, Or Filling:
    If your old dental work has knocked or fallen out, you must make an appointment immediately. Ignoring these issues may worsen the condition.
Here at Radiant Smiles Dental Group, we provide effectual treatment for any dental emergency. We are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools that allow us to quickly identify the issue and determine the best treatment option for you. Our treatments can be tailored to soothe your specific problem, so you are sure to enjoy the best experience with us.

The dental emergencies arise especially when you don’t expect it and usually it translates to pain. If you have serious pain and can’t wait until the clinic opens, simply give us a call at (03) 9000 0537. We can provide the necessary treatment that alleviates the problem quickly and effectively. Our dentists do their best to accommodate your situation and provide the best care you need.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.
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