White Fillings

A tooth can be damaged by cavities and fracture caused by dental trauma. On delaying the treatment, decay will reach the nerve which will lead to infection. The infected nerve will need either root canal treatment or tooth removal. Tooth unfriendly sugar and bacteria attack the tooth structure which if left untreated can cause the cavity. Acidic drinks can also cause cavities in the teeth by eroding the tooth structure. In the very early stages, the decaying process can be halted with proper oral hygiene measures, dietary advice, and regular dental visits. However, if the decay has caused the loss of tooth structure, then the white filling is required to restore the structure. There are different types of dental filling materials available. Depending on the assessment and clinical situation, the dentist will suggest you the best material of choice.

Crowns And Bridges

Crown covers the tooth and can be made up of porcelain, metal or combination of both the materials. A crown is recommended when the tooth is heavily filled or decayed where just filling will not be supported by remaining tooth structure. Dentist also advises a crown after root canal treatment or if your tooth has got cracks. A bridge replaces the missing tooth and includes crowns on teeth on either side of missing tooth. Properly looked-after crown can last for a long time. You should take care of crown with brushing and flossing.


Veneers are very thin shells which cover the existing tooth structures. They are available in different materials and are suggested for people with chipped, stained and misaligned teeth. A veneer can be custom-made in a dental laboratory using the material preferred by the patient. One of the greatest benefits of using veneers is that they don’t need any special care. Besides brushing and flossing, it is enough just to practice good food habits as a part of maintaining the veneers.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening BundooraIf you are dreaming of a brighter smile, you can opt for a tooth whitening procedure that allows whitening your teeth to a lighter shade. Here at Radiant Smiles Dental Group, we offer a range of tooth whitening treatments that help to erase stains and to make your teeth a few shades lighter, giving you a sparkling white smile.

What Leads To Tooth Discolouration?

Tooth whitening procedures alter the aesthetic properties of your teeth to give you a whiter, brighter smile. Over time, your teeth will get darken naturally and become more yellowish. Drinking coffee, tea, red wine and smoking also stain the teeth. No matter how many times you brush your teeth, these stains build-up and lead to discolouration of teeth.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures that allow patients achieving brighter teeth for improved aesthetics. While there are several whitening procedures available, the dentists at Radiant Smiles Dental Group offer the most effective treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Types of Teeth Whitening:

Typically, we offer two types of teeth whitening – in-office teeth whitening and at-home teeth whitening.

  • An in-office teeth whitening procedure is performed by one of our cosmetic dentists within our dental clinic. We use advanced techniques and high-quality products that can penetrate the teeth and provide a lasting result. Our treatment will brighten your teeth and boost your confidence considerably.
  • The at-home whitening treatment involves wearing a custom-made tray containing a bleaching agent. You will be advised to wear the tray for a period of two weeks or until you get the whiter teeth. We recommend the concentration of the bleaching gel based on your particular teeth whitening needs.

If you are worried about discoloured teeth, book an appointment with Radiant Smiles Dental Group. We recommend a simple cosmetic procedure that can help you look and feel more confident about your smile. If you have any question, call 03 94676112 and ask your dentist about the teeth whitening options available for you.