Painfree Dentistry

Most people are worried about the painful dental procedures. In order to make patients feel comfortable and stress-free, several advancements have been brought into the dental industry. STA or Single Tooth Anesthesia device delivers computer controlled amount of anesthetic without causing any pain. This pain-free dental technology has been helping dentists to provide consistent, accurate and painless treatment for the patients of all ages.

First Dental Visit

It is recommended to take your child to a dentist at his/her first age or within 6 months after the first tooth comes out. During the first dental visit, the dentist will check your child’s teeth for decay and other potential problems with jaw and gums. If any problem is diagnosed, the dentist will provide the necessary treatment and also educate parents on the basics of oral health care. If your child needs any special care, it is necessary to visit a pediatric dentist.